12 Fun activities to enjoy with your kids

Discover the Emerging Artist in Your Household.

Art to Art is passionate about discovering emerging artists to bring people together in the world of art. Original art provides a lifetime of enjoyment and inspiration. We want all people to fall in love with art, and that includes children.

Children of all ages love nothing more than creating. For many children painting is probably at the top of this list. And why wouldn’t it be? Getting your hands in paint, mixing colours and creating a piece of art from scratch is the bomb. As parents it can be hard to allow free reign; all we see is mess and more mess.

But as we told Bupa in their article, '12 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids', we have plenty of great tips to have fun with your kids at home.

Bupa Article Artfo Kids

Allow Mess

This is the only way kids will feel free to create. Pick a sunny day, roll out paper in the backyard and let them go crazy. Beforehand, have a bucket of warm soapy water on standby. Footprints and hand prints are pure magic for kids.

For young kids who are eager to paint often, you might like to use ‘invisible paint’ which is also commonly referred to as ‘water’. You can spice it up with a couple of drops of food dye and get the kids to blow into straws to create interesting patterns and shapes.

Stock up on Canvases

Older kids might like painting a canvas and taking time to create that masterpiece that they can proudly hang in their room. Younger kids also enjoy painting on canvases, but the challenge for parents is knowing when to whisk it away before it becomes one big brown blob.

Buy Cheaper Materials

Materials can be expensive so we suggest buying acrylic, non-toxic, paints in bulk, preferably with a mess free pump from an art and craft supplier. This initial investment means you won’t be precious about waste and over years is worth its weight in gold. Ikea is a great source for inexpensive rolls of paper.

Back to the Chalk Board

Chalk drawing is easily achieved at home with minimal cost. Chalk is inexpensive yet gives kids the freedom to draw and create huge works of art. It can simply be washed away with the garden hose or let the rain clean it up for you.

At Art to Art we believe creativity requires freedom. Kids are so expressive and any mess is worth it to see the smiles and enjoyment they get from their creations. Allow space and time to help your kids unleash the artists within.