Art In Homes

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Completely addicted to arttoart! We love collecting pieces on your recommendation Philippa. Our living spaces look fantastic now and we are constantly receiving complements on the artwork we have selected. It’s been great to be introduced to some up-and-coming artist’s works and your personalised service and effort tops off a terrific end to end experience in buying art. Thanks!

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​HOME #2

We were so impressed with Art to Art’s range, advice and service that we went back for more. Our beautiful Sophie Gralton print is the talk of our visitors and I’m sure people think we are quite sophisticated art buffs with such a lovely piece of art in our home. The secret is that we owe it all to Art to Art so thanks again Phil. Our handsome Monk is also a very popular addition to our home – especially with the ladies. We’ll be back again!!! Thanks Phillipa.

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​HOME #3

Philippa just knew what I liked even before I did. We were on the same page!

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​HOME #4

I love the difference art has made to our house, it has really made it into a home and the best part is it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. I had put off buying art for years, now I know where to go and who can help me.