Arti Shah

Arti Shah

Arti is a freelance graphic weaver and digital artist based in Palm beach, Australia. She grew up in the Blue Mountains and she is now living in Palm Beach. The pristine natural beauty has been central to her lifestyle and inspiration. Arti is combining her extensive background in graphic design with the love of weaving and printmaking.

After graduating from the University of Sydney with a Masters in Multimedia Design (Honours) and a Bachelor of Graphic Design, Arti was fortunate to be immersed within the Japanese culture, where she spent the next 3 years as a graphic designer in Tokyo. This was an invaluable experience, which positively influenced her design aesthetic.

Arti founded her solo graphic design practice Artistudio in 2009. The graphic/web design work from this studio helped friends in the art community and businesses alike to market and highlight their work to a wider audience.

She loves to weave and paint. She is self taught and love to be creative. Arti think weaving & digital art is an awesome art form and a great way to unwind. her mission is to create beautiful wall art, accessories and paintings. Inspired by her travels and the beautiful tropical area she lives in Palm beach, the modern Macrame and textile work have the charm and individuality of the handmade and the vintage feel, combined with a modern twist.

Arti Shah's Artworks