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Bruce Baldwin

Bruce Baldwin

Bruce has been a prolific painter for years, so it seems crazy to call him an emerging artist. Whenever he accumulated enough art for an exhibition, he had one on the nearest white wall. And sold it.

His latest project is called Forgotten Friends, and its first showing (on a white wall at WhybinTBWA) was a sell-out. Arttoart caught wind of this success and has secured a number of Bruce’s paintings.

Forgotten Friends pays tribute to a time we imagined buttons, wool and scraps of fabric as inseparable companions. Summoned from Bruce’s imagination, dogs, bears, cats, giraffes and elephants come alive with character.

Forgotten Friends are painted layer by layer, stitch by stitch on large fields of colour. Adorable or ironic? Your call, but you can’t not love them.

Bruce Baldwin's Artworks