Carolyn O'Neill

Carolyn O'Neill

The freedom to create fuels Melbourne based artist Carolyn O’Neill, a former psychiatric nurse who began painting in 2003.  Her insight into human emotions and the fragility of the mind, including her own, has been a driving force in the pursuit of self expression.

It was after being inspired by a colorful mural at her son’s kindergarten in Melbourne that she enquired about local painting classes and hasn’t put the brush down since.

Over time Carolyn has developed her own aesthetic that is largely inspired by her obsession with midcentury modernism and of course the early pioneers of abstract expressionism such as Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell.

Her sense of colour is intuitive. All of her work is unplanned, which can be very challenging. Layer upon layer something from within is expressed that is difficult to articulate. Each painting is like a journal entry without words; distinctively unique with it’s own individual story. Carolyn enjoys dabbling in drawing, collage and sculpture, although her favored medium is painting and currently works in oils on canvas.   The exploration of line, colour and form are a continuum in her creative process.

Carolyn has a strong interest in interior design. One of her paintings was recently featured on The Block Glasshouse series and she has recently released some limited edition prints of her work.

Carolyn O'Neill's Artworks