Donina Asera
Donina Asera Donina Asera Donina Asera

Donina Asera

Donina is a Melbourne-based visual artist with a minor obsession with colour and creating beasties.

As an avid reader, she's been influenced by story telling for many years. Often, cultural storytelling is deeply connected to beliefs relating to creation - both of country and landscapes, and of the people that live within it.

Donina's current body of work "Brouhaha", uses visual storytelling to communicate her own tales of creation, and the occupation of an imagined land by beasts and beings. Both land and occupants bear aspects and features that are both familiar and unfamiliar to us. She revels in creating imaginative and quirky titles for the works, which prick the imagination. The works are bright, colourful, and fun.

Donina Asera's Artworks