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Doulene Walker

Doulene Walker

Doulene Walker was born in Zimbabwe, and since arriving in Australia at 15 years old, she has spent many years in the Pilbara where she obtained a strong love affair with the land and the contrasting colours. Though dabbling in many forms of art her entire life, Doulene’s art career began in earnest only recently, after an accident overseas left her unable to walk for many months, so she picked up her brushes again. She paints most of the day, everyday!

Doulene uses bark from Australian Native trees to form prints and patterns in her work, and often uses sticks, leaves and pine needles as her tools. She uses charcoal for mark making and real Pilbara iron ore crushed dirt, made into paint.

Doulene’s work is heavily influenced by her upbringing in both Zimbabwe and Australia, and there is an extremely strong reference to both countries in many of her paintings. She has a deep connection to different cultures and to the land, both African an Australian and hopes that her love and connection to nature is felt in her work.

​She loves to create unique pieces using a variety of mediums, such as acrylic inks, water colours, pastels, acrylics and pen paints, together with so many tools.

Doulene’s abstract art involves trusting her intuition and letting go, adding texture, free flowing layers of colour, spontaneous movements, techniques and tools. Mark making features heavily in her work, from organic, abstract, spontaneous mark making, to more structured patterns.

Doulene Walker's Artworks