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Greta Laundy Greta Laundy

Greta Laundy

Greta’s art practice draws upon memories and experiences of nature to create landscapes both real and imagined. With a childhood spent in rural South Australia, Greta paintings and drawings celebrate her connection to the natural environment. These vibrantly coloured abstracted works feature organic patterns and shapes suggesting hills, plant forms and geographical elements, richly significant to the artist. An enduring interest in abstraction and experimentation facilitates the intuitive artistic processes embodied within her work.

At the same time, Greta’s paintings are always grounded in the reality of painting: a solitary creative pursuit that is at once an act of pure faith, self-belief and an unwavering trust in the innate creative drive that Greta has always had. This is not an easy road to traverse, and Greta’s paintings act as metaphors for this experience of ‘being’, celebrating the unique vision she has for a life lived fully and truthfully without compromise. Her paintings and drawings are celebrations of the very essence of life and a joy to live with.

Greta Laundy's Artworks