Kristen Daniels

Kristen Daniels

Fixed on features of landscapes and landforms, Kristen paints to colour the real world. She regularly considers the desiccated stillness of her grandfathers farm and aims to portray Australia’s tired, rural skies in a more positive light.

Multiple layers and droll segments of colour staged throughout, she captures the many beautiful ways light can be dispersed, revealing an estranged view of the land.

Based in Geelong, Kristen is best known for her works on Perspex. Using gratuitous blends of acrylics, she explores an unseen paragon, where what lies beneath the layers of a painting can be seen through a clear transparent surface. The substructure of the unturned markings are the pinnacle of her works.

Following several years of practice, Kristen has developed a unique aesthetic with recognisable marks and tones. Some works begin calculated, but she mostly paints upon creative impulses. These markings made from whim ignite her works with tender spontaneity, bestowing her pieces with an ever present youth.

Kristen Daniels's Artworks