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Sun Haas

Sun Haas is an artist and illustrator, originally from Berlin, who has lived and worked in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia since 2011.

The central processes underpinning Sun's art practice involve generating connections and a sense of belonging. Through her art making, she seeks to understand how she connects with herself, her immediate environment and the universe. The practice of painting supports her in making meaning of her connections with the world through processing, understanding and relating to experiences, emotions and mental formations.

Her approach to painting is non-directive which privileges the process over the outcome. This approach requires Sun to relinquish her tendencies to analyse the situation which enables her deeper subconscious to surface. To most effectively facilitate a deeper connection with the unknown, she uses large scale canvases that provide space for movement and expression. Acrylic paint is the most appropriate medium for this purpose because it is malleable, versatile and rich in colour pigment and enables her to articulate herself in spontaneous and emotive ways. The outcome of her non-directive approach and choice of media is an abstract visual language.

I see my artworks as entities and multilayered beings. Through them I send signals to my environment to create and encourage connection and belonging. I believe that our understanding of universal interconnectedness is urgent, because for me, deepening our shared sense of belonging and connection is essential for us as human and non-human beings to be able to deal with the uncertainties and challenges we are facing together.

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