Bush Plum

Bush Plum



Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm (W x H)
Medium: Acrylic


Acrylic on linen. 2007. Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity.

Gracie's signature works are her father and aunt’s dreaming Arnwekety (Bush Plum). The works are based on fine ‘dot-work’ and depict the ‘Land and the Bush Plum’. The bush plum is one of the main food staples, a small fruit with black seeds, rich in vitamin C. Eaten raw or cooked, the plant produces a profusion of flowers and fruit that appear through the winter months. The fruit is collected by the women and children.

The beautiful use of colour in her painting of the Arnwekety, depicts the changing seasonal influences of a plant that has great significance to the Alyawrre women of the Eastern Desert region in the Northern Territory of Australia.

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