Art to Art | Family




Dimensions: 152 x 122 cm (W x H)
Type: BIG Art
Medium: Acrylic

Acrylic on canvas.

In a way, our family is always with us - sometimes much to our annoyment, often with great teachings in store and with a deep sense of love. My family consists of my birth family, my chosen family (friends and lovely community) and family in the sense that includes human and non-human contemporaries, the environment and all that is part of this universe.

So many experiences and challenges and so much beauty is connected with family, that this painting speaks about. To add a few lines on the third aspect mentioned above, this painting is based on the understanding that we share this life and world in many different ways, whether we notice it or not, and whether it leaves a lasting, fleeting or no impression at all. In that shared experience familiarity is created. Much like my relatives, friends and loved ones, my environment and contemporaries have influenced and challenged and shaped me. “Family” is about the multitude of encounters we have that touch our hearts and move our souls.

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