Fang Chi Liang

Fang Chi Liang



Dimensions: 125 x 155 cm (W x H)
Type: Original
Medium: Mixed Media


Photography and acrylic on canvas, box framed in black oak.

Taught by her father, a Shaolin master, Fang Chi Liang was devastated by his death when he was attacked and swore revenge. She realised, however, that her Kung Fu skills were not up to the task given her small stature. While pondering this problem, it is said that she was disturbed by a large crane that screeched and landed close to her. Fang tried to beat it away using a long pole, but the crane fended off her attacks easily by using its agility.

Amazed by the crane’s grace and relaxed speed, Fang began to formulate a Kung Fu style known as White Crane based on its use of evasion and counter attack. After intense training Fang Chi Liang was able to avenge her father’s death.

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