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Shibori Stars



Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm (W x H)
Type: Original

Acrylic ink on wood, unframed, ready to hang

Japanese textiles are so rich in their humbleness. Indigo is the colour of farmers and workmen, but has become so beloved in the west, earning an almost cult-like devotion from crafters.

Indigo is harvested from plants and once the bath is prepared you need to keep oxygen out. Fabric is immersed and its only as it comes out of the bath that the transformation happens and what looks green and murky becomes vivid in the open air.

I love this act of transformation and it’s hard for me not to draw parallels to rebirth. Stitching is a further transformation, and the two fabric covered stones in this work as transformed with traditional sashiko stitching and shibori (a resist dye method) speak to me of the ability for anyone to transform a situation, no matter how humble into something new with some care.

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