Philippa's Top 10 Tips on Buying Art

#1 Choose art with your heart! A connection to a work of art can create an overwhelming sense. If you don’t feel it, don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

#2 Buy art for yourself, not for others. You are going to live with the piece every day while visitors come and go. Art is an expression of you. Have confidence and put it out there!

#3 Don’t buy art for the space or to fit your decor. Big mistake. What happens when you move or redecorate? You want a new look yet you’ve matched the blue couch with a blue painting. Buy the art because you love it and not because it fits in. Speaking from experience, you will always find the perfect spot.

#4 Move your art around. Shake it up a little. Swap art works at least once a year. It’s fun and your growing collection can be appreciated from a different perspective, keeping your home exciting and fresh.

#5 Don’t match the frame to the artwork. Whilst I have seen many artworks complimented by wonderful framing, I do believe when the frame takes over, the balance is lost.

#6 Keep it eclectic. Vary the styles you collect. Creating a collection that is diverse is often more interesting than collecting art by only one artist. Mix it up. Put the life drawing next to the vintage poster. Make your own rules.

#7 Install good lighting to show off your artworks. A well considered lighting approach will highlight your artwork and create an inviting atmosphere in your home. Do not underestimate this simple tip.

#8 Create your own works of art. Essentially art is an human expression which happens in many forms. Get creative! Pin up your children’s drawings. Blow up an old photo and get it printed on canvas. Frame a series of postcards you find on your travels. It’s about being real and feeling connected. Why can’t the best art be the hand made ceramic your littlest one is so proud of?

#9 Give Art. Such a personal and thrilling gift – a reminder of your friendship or a certain, significant time. A voucher works beautifully or you could choose the piece together. Or, ask your friends and family to all contribute to a piece of art for your birthday.

#10 Become an art collector. Start today with a striking small piece and build from there, exploring your own tastes. Do you have your own managed super fund? Did you know you can buy art through the fund as an investment? Find out if it’s possible to lay-by and drip feed it. Imagine the collection you could have in 10 years from now if you start today.

Put simply, choose art with your heart. Fall in love with it, enjoy and cherish it. Talk about it with your friends. Tell them why you chose it and how it makes you feel. Meet the artist and hear their story, let that experience enrich your own connection. Share that with others, inspiring them to fall in love with art too.