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Jac Puntoriero

Jac Puntoriero is an emerging artist based in the Riverina, NSW, Australia. Jac's art was shortlisted in the art to art emerging artists prize in early 2020, and recently featured in the Australian Art Edit and Interiors Magazine. Jac creates finding inspiration in nature, other people, life, colour and the act of painting itself. Using mostly acrylic paint and charcoal on linen canvases she explores life’s stories and finds her quiet heart space.

"There is a quiet space that I access when I paint, while life is busy, crazy, sad and scary, all around me, I know when I walk into my studio, pick up my apron, I turn on my music, take a deep breath, and I am there in that space, Its like a little pocket for me It’s a safe place, where I practice courage, there is no right, no wrong. No good or bad. It doesn’t have to make sense, it is where the paint dances, it calls to me, it’s where I create from my heart space. “

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