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Artwork For Sale By Local Melbourne Artists

When looking for artwork for the home, you can’t go past a beautiful original piece, hand made by the artist themselves. While mass produced prints are cheap, easy to acquire and come in a plethora of designs and sizes, they are dime a dozen and can be found on any dropshipping website or marketplace.

In the past, the price of unique, original artworks has kept them out of reach of many art lovers, but at Art to Art we believe original art should be affordable, accessible, and easy to discover. When buying new artwork, consider a stunning original artwork, full of texture, love, and a great way of supporting your local artists.

Buy Affordable Artwork In Melbourne

At Art to Art, we strongly believe that art should be available to everyone, not just professional art collectors or artists themselves. The time, skill and detail it takes to create a beautiful original artwork is something we know anyone can appreciate and love in their homes, and we’re dedicated to helping people discover it. We’re based locally in Melbourne, so we understand the amazing talent and variety of our incredible artists here in Australia, which is why we’ve partnered with local Melbourne and Australian artists to showcase their works for sale on Art to Art. We know the importance of supporting local artists and communities when buying art, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses. It’s why we’re able to keep our artwork affordable and accessible to all. Ultimately, stunning and original artwork need not have to be expensive, and you will be able to find plenty of affordable options for sale on our online catalogue.

Support Your Local Melbourne Artists

By buying an original artwork from a local Melbourne artist, you’re supporting your community and local creativity. Not only that, but purchasing your originals locally can also save you hundreds on costly overseas shipping fees. Our local artists are painting a range of beautiful works; from landscapes, nature and animal pieces inspired by Australia to unique abstract, florals and still life works, as well as our growing collection of aboriginal artworks.

Buy Original & Authentic Art From Art To Art

When you buy original art from us, you can be sure your purchasing artwork at affordable prices that help support the artists directly. Choose from a variety of styles and mediums including photography, floral, abstract and more! We even provide affordable delivery directly to your location in Australia, whether it is in Melbourne, Sydney or any other states, so you can shop all our artworks for sale in the comforts of your own home.