About Us

Art to Art provide a unique and personal service for people seeking to discover, enjoy and fall in love with art. We select, showcase and promote art that connects with our emotions, inspires you to dream and brightens our day to day living.

Philippa Demase

Through our personalised service, we present artworks to you; pieces which are closely matched to your vision, combined with a mixture of beauty, originality and strong potential for growth and future value. In supporting a diverse range of categories, Art to Art makes all forms of art accessible, including original paintings, limited edition prints, drawings, original vintage posters and photography.

All artwork is carefully chosen to ensure our clients are purchasing quality, highly reputable pieces, which also present great value. Accordingly, clients can browse from a comprehensive selection of emerging, well known artists including many from Indigenous backgrounds, all of which are proudly Australian. Importantly, each of our artists enjoy well renowned reputations for creating original and beautiful Australian art.

Our service was founded by well-known Melbourne designer Philippa Demase. A love and appreciation of art and design has always been a passion in Philippa’s life with the genesis of this love affair originating in the 1990’s when Philippa began a successful design and brand agency in Australia.

Pablo Picasso once stated, "You don’t make art, you find it.”

We are here to help you along that journey, to help you explore and discover your style of art; art that brings you timeless appreciation and inspiration.

Welcome to Art to Art.

Why buy art?

Art allows you to express yourself and can be a reflection of your personality. It allows you to surround yourself with pieces that you enjoy and can inspire. Art has the ability to create experiences and improve one’s way of life.