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It's not About Us, it's about YOU

Art to Art's mission is making owning beautiful original art easy, accessible and most of all fun! We want to help you fall in love with art and find the perfect piece for your home.

With our carefully curated selection of artworks from our family of hand-picked Australian artists, you can trust all artworks are created by a talented artistic hand. We now represent over 70 artists, meaning we've also got the range to meet your needs!

Our friendly and communicative team is always on standby to help you on your art journey, whether its giving advice, sourcing artworks, or providing a free Art Insitu, we want to help you shop with confidence at all stages of your art journey.

Why buy art?

Art allows you to express yourself and can be a reflection of your personality. It allows you to surround yourself with pieces that you enjoy and can inspire you when you wake up in the morning.

"I’ve been helping people fall in love with art for over six years now, and I LOVE every minute" - Philippa Demase, Director

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Founder's Story

Founder Philippa Demase had a dream of sharing her love of art with everybody. Having being an avid collector for years, she was always amazed how most galleries failed to make her feel welcome or wanted. You’d be lucky if they even got up from behind their desk when you walked in the door!

She wondered why the industry was so closed off, and dreamed of a place free from judgment, friendly and inviting... where you can find beautiful, affordable, original art without the stress.

And so her passion grew into a healthy obsession.

When the family moved to Balwyn North, one thing that stood out to Philippa was that the homes of neighbours and friends she visited were beautifully architecturally appointed and interior designed, but without an art collection to match. She wondered how this was possible! It was then, she decided she wanted to share her love affair of art with friends – so started gathering art she liked on a very basic website. The big turning point was when an opportunity for a pop-up space in Prahran became available and she jumped at the chance, beginning the collection and exhibitions Art to Art is now known for.

That was back in 2016 and to date Art to Art now represents over 70 Australian artists with whom wonderful long relationships have been created. With group exhibitions throughout the year at the home based gallery in Balwyn North as well as exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne at the Affordable Art Fairs, Art to Art is the only Australian gallery that creates comprehensive exhibition catalogues to show how art can transform any space and was the first to offer Art Insitus.

Our collectors include buyers that have never bought original art before to experienced collectors, interior designers, stylists, home owners and art lovers, locally and abroad.

We love to support up-and-coming Australian talent with our annual Unearthed Art Prize, now in it’s 5th year. As well as supporting our chosen charitable foundations which include Starlight Children’s Foundation and CATA.

We know well the feeling and thrill of finding that right piece, connecting people with art and creating curated home galleries.

“We help proud home owners to discover original art, that best reflects their personality, so they wake up every day feeling like they’re living in their own art gallery”.

We hope we can guide you on your art journey no matter what stage you are at, help you to find art you’ll love forever while connecting with our art loving community.

We care about what’s on the walls in your home, we welcome you to come speak to us.

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