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Want to see art in your home?

We take the guesswork out of choosing art with our Virtual Art Insitu© service, designed so you can see exactly how it looks – leaving you feeling assured you’ve made the right decision.

We recommend art for your space
Taking a look at your nominated wall space, we can recommend a selection of artworks tailored specifically to your home. Size, colour and style all based on your preference and space-needs.

Already know what you like?
Have an artwork in mind but not sure how it will look in your home? We take out the guesswork by giving you a virtual demonstration of up to 5 works of your choice. You can be sure that it will not only fit on your wall, but look great on your wall.

Although we have a huge number of our own artists, we also keep our finger on the pulse with other artists so we can fully explore a wide range of different artworks for your home.


Get your first wall FREE! See up to 5 artworks on your wall.
Further walls are $150 per wall featuring 5 artworks.

Here’s How:

Simply fill in the fields below, click submit, and you'll be on your way to seeing beautiful art in your home!

List the artworks, artists, or styles you would like to see in your home.

Comment anything else you would like us to know. Room decor, preferred colours/shape/medium, etc.

Upload photos of the spaces you would like to see the artwork in. For best results these should be face-on, not at an angle, and with some point of reference, eg. furniture, full wall height, etc. See below example.

To make sure we show you an accurate representation of an artwork in your home, we need some basic measurements of your space as seen in your images. Eg. Wall height, furniture length/height, door frame height.

The exciting world of art awaits you. You can see here how much it can transform a room.

What type of art would you like to see in your home?