Chalie MacRae
Chalie MacRae Chalie MacRae Chalie MacRae Chalie MacRae Chalie MacRae

Chalie MacRae

Chalie MacRae is an Australian contemporary abstract artist based in Yarraville, Victoria. She developed what would become a long-term love for art after travelling abroad as a young adult, however it wasn't until after pursuing a corporate career for some years that Chalie began painting.

Chalie's works are created to evoke a sense of calm or connection to nature, and are loved for both the relaxing quality they bring to homes as well as recognisable unique brushstrokes which add a sense of movement and energy. Chalie works with acrylics and oils and gravitates towards a palette that is nature inspired. She immerses herself in her studio for days at a time where she allows influences from nature, travel and music to intertwine, create something that did not exist before to bring each work slowly to life.

"Abstraction allows me to create works without boundaries that are my version of somewhere between the real and imagined. I draw on life experiences, those past and present, and channel these experiences and emotions onto the canvas.

I feel a sense of freedom and exploration when painting, allowing my work to continually evolve. I find joy in creating works that evoke calmness and a sense of beauty yet allow the viewer to find their own connection to each unique piece. Creativity is endless, inspiration is everywhere. My inspirations are vivid and diverse”.

Chalie MacRae's Artworks