Valentin Tinc
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Valentin Tinc

Having had the privilege to be born in a historical place with rich tradition in craft and arts, Transylvania, from early stages Valentin Tinc has developed a passion for art and design which he still pursues today. Since 1991, after he graduated Academy of Arts Decorative arts and Design department, Valentin has had a rich agenda of art exhibitions in Romania and Germany. From 2000 January after he emigrated to New Zealand and later to Australia, Valentin added a new dimension to his profile in teaching design. He has taught initially in Christchurch at Design and Art College of New Zealand, later at Unitec Auckland an lastly at Whitehouse design Institute, Melbourne. Valentin's interest lies at the boundary of art and design, and he is drawn toward 3D and object making.

Valentin's Anima Range of asymmetric outdoor furniture, close to sculpture, was Highly Commended in the Best Design Award, New Zealand. Valentin's art direction lies in exploring organic shapes, patterns, surrealism and the combination between art and design.

This series of sculptural works is an opportunity for Valentin to dive into traditional techniques of carving and sculpting as a
vehicle to explore human condition, to reflect on ephemeral existence, to express his belief in beauty. His sculptures are an invitation to the viewer to join him in a journey beyond seen material into the realm of uncanny possibility. Valentin draws his inspiration from African Art, Maya and Inca stone carvings, modern 20th century sculptors, and most of all primitive artefacts and timber structures from Maramures, his home land.

Valentin Tinc's Artworks