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Ebony Taylor

Ebony Taylor

Ebony is a self-taught artist based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. While juggling many roles as a mother of twins, a small business owner and a primary school teacher, Ebony decided to begin painting as a creative outlet. Her part-time passion project has now grown into a daily ritual that gives her a sense of calm and happiness, which is reflected in her vibrant artworks.

A lover of colour, Ebony finds inspiration all around her. She is a homewares bowerbird who loves to potter for fabrics, ceramics, glassware and other props for her still life paintings in both contemporary and second hand stores, giving her modern pieces a retro twist.

Ebony puts a lot of thought into naming her pieces, as she believes that art should tell a story. Her favourite thing about selling her art is knowing that someone else has connected with her work, and that it is bringing joy and colour into their home.

Ebony Taylor's Artworks