Eveleen Hally
Eveleen Hally Eveleen Hally

Eveleen Hally

A kiwi-born artist working out of Melbourne, Australia, best known for the string of paintings ‘Birds In Suits’.
For a young girl growing up in Rural New Zealand, the sea-change to busy metropolitan Melbourne quickly made apparent just how detached from our natural forms us humans are. Eve views birds wearing suits as equally absurd as the fact that humans are often expected to do so. ‘...it is clearly unnatural to see a bird in a suit, kind of how I feel living in such a fast paced city compared to where I grew up.’ The suit forces viewers to recognise an element of prestige in the Birds, which poses the question, 'How does wearing a suit affect the way we are viewed in society?'

This deep under-tone is balanced out by the playful pastel backgrounds in a way that makes them thought evoking as opposed to quirky or comical.

Eveleen Hally's Artworks