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Saturday October 10 is World Mental Health Day which got us thinking about how tough this year has been, and we recognise the impact the pandemic has had on our mental health and wellbeing.

We're lucky enough to be surrounded by original art in the Art to Art gallery which really got us thinking about how living with art can help improve and manage our mental health and headspace. Art has an incredible ability to improve our mental balance, help alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Colours hold strong links to our emotional state as well.

We know how bringing art you love into your home helps create a space that you feel comfortable in, can inspire and stimulate your mind, or that can calm and relax you. Read below how it has affected this art lover...

Greta Laundy Image
We Like What You Have To Say

A testimonial, kindly shared by artist Greta Laundy.

“I wanted to tell you how much joy your art has brought me. The first painting we bought has lifted my spirits so many times in this monotonous lockdown, and this morning when I saw “The Strength of Mountains” it made me so teary and emotional. It felt like a much needed rainbow of colour and beauty in what has been a hard week.” - Ann-Marie

A few words on the beauty of art by Artist and Art Therapist Sun Haas

Have you ever had a moment like this: You are looking at an artwork and it takes your breath away? Maybe you feel deeply moved, an overwhelming sense of joy or calm spreading in yourself. You may know why this particular work draws you in or you could be flabbergasted - or even both at the same time?

Engaging with art can make us feel connected; to others, ourselves and the environment. It can offer experiences that cannot be verbalised, giving a rest to our strained modern minds. The making of, and engagement with, art is regarded as a practice to support mental and emotional wellbeing and healing, backed by an ever growing amount of research.

The layers of art encounters are many. We see the colours, shapes and textures. Maybe we can smell the materials that were used and feel the structure and temperature of the artwork’s surface. Spatially and also audibly we can engage with it, walking around it, lifting it, we can appreciate its dimensions, depths, weight and possibly sound. These sensory experiences can have grounding and calming effects on us.

Then there is the sujet of the artwork that might strike a chord, or the story of the artist; a personal connection that can provide a sense of recognition and belonging. Your experience with art is unique to you, but something that is common to all of us is that art has the capacity to deeply touch one’s heart and soul.

Dividing Line

Here are our top tips on how colour through art can help you, and some other ideas on combating stress and frustrations for a calmer you...

Meditate Image

Did you know that the average person has over 60,000 thoughts per day. It’s no wonder we feel busy in our minds. Now imagine slowing that down even for 5 mins each day. The roll on effects can calm anxiety, enhance gratitude and mindfulness while you work, and improve your sleep.

Here’s our top two recommendations for Meditation Apps you can do anywhere:
Insight Timer
A Free app for sleep, anxiety and stress by yoga guru’s and healers worldwide As recommended by Sandra Amalfi, Intuitive Health Coach.
Guided Meditation and Mindfulness made easy.
I started using this app recently which helps me learn the art of meditating, step by step.

Ian Gunn

Shades of deep blue are all about creating a sense of support and trust. This colour gives us space to breath and relax, and a safe space in which to do so.

Words to describe this colour are:
Tranquility, Security, Integrity, Peace, Loyalty, Trust, Intelligence.

Ian Gunn describes his work ‘Midnight Garden’ as inviting the viewer to get lost on a peaceful and serene walk through a deep blue garden at night. Sitting with the artwork overtime lets you discover the intricate layers and textures throughout.

This work by Ian Gunn is currently available:
‘Midnight Garden’ 152 x 122cm, $3,250
To purchase or more info click here.

Clair Bremner Image

Turquoise is a bright, subtly invigorating colour that remind us of the broad expanses of ocean and sky. It lifts our mood and helps us focus and allow ourselves to relax.

Words to describe this colour are:
Spiritual, Healing, Protection, Sophisticated

Clair Bremner’s cheerful abstract landscapes are perfect for transporting yourself into a meditative place. The light blues, greens and turquoise colours in this artwork stimulate and uplift the mind while helping relaxation.

This work by Clair Bremner, is currently available:
‘Finding Pathways’ 150 x 120cm, $3,150
To purchase or more info click here.

Health Image

Your diet is an important way to keep an even keel. Minimise unhealthy snacks and develop coping strategies that are not related to food. Make sure your diet includes things like: colourful fruits and vegetables, foods high in fibre, fermented foods like unsweetened yogurt, olive oil, and fish.

We recommend a celery juice to start your day:
A fresh celery juice a day can transform your health and digestion in as little as one week. It helps to counteract acidosis, aid in digestion, prevent migraines, relax the nerves, reduce blood pressure, and clear up skin problems. The below makes up a jug of juice and a 500ml glass a day will last you 5 days so easy on the wash up.

3 bunches of celery (washed)
1 Knob of ginger
1 Lemon

Colleen Guiney Artwork

Green is all about getting back in touch with nature. Finding artworks with shades of green helps bring the outside in, and helps you create a connection between your outside environment and your home. While spending time in natural green-spaces is best for your health, even looking at pictures of green spaces or nature can have a noticeable impact.

Words to describe this colour are:
Freshness, Environment, New, Fertility, Healing, Earth

Artist Colleen Guiney is inspired by the natural landscapes around her home in Port Fairy. This work has subtle textures and colours that create a calming, healing presence that will give your home an inviting and natural feel.

This work by Colleen Guiney, is currently available: ‘Have a Good Day’ 168 x 168cm, $4,700. To purchase or more info click here.

Rebecca Kate

The colour brown is a sturdy, warmer colour that reminds us of the earth. Brown can reduce fatigue and improve feelings of relaxation, or make you feel more secure. As a neutral colour, brown helps you keep things natural, simple and avoid being overwhelmed.

Words to describe this colour are:
Friendly, Earth, Outdoors, Longevity, Conservative

Warm browns and earthy greens work well together in this botanical inspired piece by Rebecca Kate. Natural wood and earth colours create a sturdy backdrop for any colour and will certainly help you feel grounded and calm.

This work by Rebecca Kate, is currently available:
‘Boho Botanica’ 103 x 103cm, Framed $2,200
To purchase or more info click here.

Active Image

Staying active both physically and mentally helps keep you motivated, and improves energy levels and mental health. Try setting a goal or task you want to achieve each day - it can be something small like making your bed, going for a walk or calling a friend.
Use this time to try some new hobbies and keep doing the things you love as best you can like reading, drawing or exercising. Trying to learn a new skill or challenging yourself is a great step to keeping your brain active and healthy.

We recommend a Yoga App
Yoga-Go is a great source of simple home-based yoga workouts that will not take too much of your time. Even 7 minute a day can get you on your way. No experience required as they take you step by step.

Jackie Anderson

Purple is the colour of comfort and a traditional colour of nobility across a number of cultures. Purple helps you focus on your goals and ambitions, while easily introducing a touch of luxury to your living space. Deep, soft purples can create a strong feeling of comfort and cosiness to your space. Also associated with wisdom and creativity, artworks with the colour purple are great sources of inspiration.

Words to describe this colour are:
Royalty, Nobility, Spirituality, Luxury, Ambition, Wealth

Jackie Anderson's softly textural artworks are perfect for cosying up with any time of year.

This work by Jackie Anderson, is currently available:
‘Wanderer’ 124 x 124 cm, Framed $2,190.
To purchase or more info click here.

Jodyer Artwork

Often known as the love colours, pinks and reds are long associated with compassion, care and love.

Words to describe this colour are:
Healthy, Happy, Feminine, Sweet, Compassion, Playful, Connecting.

Jo Dyer's abstracted floral artworks are full of feminine pinks, magentas and botanical greens.

This work by Jo Dyer is currently available
'Argovia I', 60 x 70 cm, $1,025
To purchase or for more info click here.

Read Image

Reading is a great escape and has been shown to put our brains into a state similar to meditation. It brings the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner calm. Regular readers sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers.

We recommend these titles:

The Resilence Project by Hugh Van Cuylenberg.
This was the last book I put down and with it came some very useful tips on Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness. The author was from Balwyn and refers to his time teaching at a private girls school and his career as a cricketer before his time in India where his life changed dramatically. Super easy to read and inspirational.

The Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Brown
As recommended by Sandra Amalfi, Intuitive Health Coach. Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.
As recommended by Sandra Amalfi, Intuitive Health Coach. A book about taking control of your mental, emotional and financial destiny.

Sun Haas

Red is the colour of passion and energy, and encourages alertness, physical health, power and vitality. Red can be a colour of strength and love, imparting feelings of care and protection, or get the blood pumping, helping you stay active!

Words to describe this colour are:
Love, Passion, Energy, Power, Strength, Heat, Desire

Artist Sun Haas has a background in fine art and art therapy, and her art practice reflects a life-long interest in spiritual philosophies and understandings of the human psyche.

Many of her artworks are focused on and concerned with the formation and understanding of connections created between people. Her work “Family” has a deep sense of love and familiarity, incorporating bold, bright reds and warm colours to create a feeling of vitality, energy and connection.

This work by Sun Haas, is currently available:
‘Family’ 122 x 122 cm. $1,900
To purchase or more info click here.

Rob Rek

A warm colour associated with fire, the sun and energy. This colour helps us feel like we can achieve anything we set our minds to and is a great colour to keep you motivated. Encouraging and inviting, orange represents youth, spontaneity and fearlessness, and is a great colour to introduce to give you courage and motivation.

Words to describe this colour are:
Courage, Confidence, Friendliness, Success

REK's cheerful birds are full of personality, vitality and life. 'Brotherly Love's' bright colours and friendly feel will energise any space and keep you feeling positive and motivated.

This work by REK, is currently available:
‘Brotherly Love’ 61 x 61 cm. $1,880
To purchase or more info click here.

Listen Image

Listening to our favourite songs can always make us feel better, but studies have shown there are a myriad of ways music can be good for your mental health. Relaxing music can actively reduce stress and anxiety, and improve the brain's recovery time from stressors.

We recommend you listen to:
Calm vibes. Slow down with some calming keys, As recommended by Heasdpace #headsoace_aus/ Click herefor the Spotify Playlist.

Any music with a 432 Hz frequency. This music heightens perception, increases mental clarity and unlocks intuition. Generally, this 'solfeggio' frequency has proven to be one of healing as it reduces anxiety, and lowers the heart rate and blood pressure.
Type in youtube 432 Hz frequency into your browser to find more... 432 Hz Meditation Music

Insight Timer App
As recommended by Sandra Amalfi, Intuitive Health Coach.

Laura W Hite

The colour of sunlight, the day and summer, yellow just makes us happy. Bright and light, yellow can uplift us and create a feeling of hope, while also being associated with wisdom and intelligence. Incorporating this colour into your home will help you stay cheerful and energised.

Words to describe this colour are:
Bright, Sunny, Energetic, Warm, Happy, Perky, Joy, Intellect

Laura White's detailed still-life artworks have a life and energy imbued from her signature technique - utilising layer methods and translucent glazes to achieve the depth and texture in her work.

This work by Laura White, is currently available:
‘Rusty Kettle and Lemons’ 40 x 40 cm. $1,200
To purchase or more info click here.

Tan 2
Jackie Anderson 2

Similar to brown, tan is a simple colour which is supportive and calming. As a lighter shade it gives us room to breathe and is both versatile and inviting.

Words to describe this colour are:
Dependable, Flexible, Crisp, Conservative

Jackie Anderson's abstract shape works have a balance and flow that makes them easy to look at at. Soft tones and subtle textures are friendly and relaxing, which still adding some warmth and energy into a room.

This work by Jackie Anderson is currently available:
‘High Noon’ 72 x 52 cm. $890
To purchase or more info click here.

Reach Out

Below are a few organisations equipped to help you during these difficult times:
CATA (Creative Art Therapy Australia)
Beyond Blue -