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The Colours of Art

We're lucky enough to be surrounded by original art in the Art to Art gallery, which got us thinking about how living with art can help improve and change our headspace for the better every day. Art has an incredible ability to improve our mental balance, help alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, and to reflect and influence our moods. Adding colour through art to your home is a great way to bring in the good vibes that your looking for.

We know how bringing art you love into your home helps create a space that you feel comfortable in, can inspire and stimulate your mind, or that can calm and relax you.

Greta Laundy Image
We Like What You Have To Say

A testimonial, kindly shared by artist Greta Laundy.

“I wanted to tell you how much joy your art has brought me. The first painting we bought has lifted my spirits so many times in this monotonous lockdown, and this morning when I saw “The Strength of Mountains” it made me so teary and emotional. It felt like a much needed rainbow of colour and beauty in what has been a hard week.” - Ann-Marie

Dividing Line

Here are our top tips on how colour through art can bring an emotional refresh to your home...


Shades of deep blue are all about creating a sense of support and trust. This colour gives us space to breath and relax, and a safe space in which to do so.

Words to describe this colour are:
Tranquility, Security, Integrity, Peace, Loyalty, Trust, Intelligence.

Ian Gunn describes his work ‘Midnight Garden’ as inviting the viewer to get lost on a peaceful and serene walk through a deep blue garden at night. Sitting with the artwork overtime lets you discover the intricate layers and textures throughout.

‘Midnight Garden’ by Ian Gunn, 152 x 122cm, $3,250 click here.
'A Starlight in Blue, White and Yellow' by Patricia Heaslip, 64 x 64 cm, $850 click here.
'Still Blue Water' by Rosa Purbrick, 102 x 116cm, $3,950 click here.

Banner Turq

Turquoise is a bright, subtly invigorating colour that remind us of the broad expanses of ocean and sky. It lifts our mood and helps us focus and allow ourselves to relax.

Words to describe this colour are:
Spiritual, Healing, Protection, Sophisticated

Hanna Rose's abstract colour based works have a sense of energy and spirituality to them. The light blues, greens and turquoise colours in this artwork stimulate and uplift the mind while helping relaxation.

‘Spring’ by Hanna Rose, 64 x 83 cm, $1,100 click here.
‘Miss Bliss’ by Martha Lord, 100 x 100 cm, $2,500 click here.
‘Icon No. 2’ by Martha Lord, 60 x 60 cm, $600 click here.


Green is all about getting back in touch with nature. Finding artworks with shades of green helps bring the outside in, and helps you create a connection between your outside environment and your home. While spending time in natural green-spaces is best for your health, even looking at pictures of green spaces or nature can have a noticeable impact.

Words to describe this colour are:
Freshness, Environment, New, Fertility, Healing, Earth

Inspired by the natural Australian bush, 'Bush Dreaming II' has subtle textures and colours that create a calming, healing presence that will give your home an inviting and natural feel.

‘Bush Dreaming II’ by Jenny Fusca, 100 x 100 cm, $1,950 click here.
‘Untitled’ by Rachael Stevens, 90 x 90 cm, $1,500 click here.
‘Owl in Suit’ by Eveleen Hally, 76 x 101 cm, $2,100 click here.

Banner Brown

The colour brown is a sturdy, warmer colour that reminds us of the earth. Brown can reduce fatigue and improve feelings of relaxation, or make you feel more secure. As a neutral colour, brown helps you keep things natural, simple and avoid being overwhelmed.

Words to describe this colour are:
Friendly, Earth, Outdoors, Longevity, Conservative

Warm and browns and neutral colours work well together in this soft, abstract piece by Rachael Nunney. Natural wood and earth colours create a sturdy backdrop for any colour and will certainly help you feel grounded and calm.

‘Wave Break’ by Rachael Nunney, 100 x 120 cm, $950 click here.
‘Autumn Mood’ by Simon Palmer, 33 x 33 cm, $450 click here.
‘Banded Together ’ by Simon Palmer, 93 x 93 cm, $1,500 click here.

Purple Banner

Purple is the colour of comfort and a traditional colour of nobility across a number of cultures. Purple helps you focus on your goals and ambitions, while easily introducing a touch of luxury to your living space. Deep, soft purples can create a strong feeling of comfort and cosiness to your space. Also associated with wisdom and creativity, artworks with the colour purple are great sources of inspiration.

Words to describe this colour are:
Royalty, Nobility, Spirituality, Luxury, Ambition, Wealth

This quirky 'Kingfisher Meeting' artwork by Eveleen Hally introduces a touch of curiosity and inspiration to any space.

‘Kingfisher Meeting’ by Eveleen Hally, 152 x 76 cm, $1,960 click here.
‘Velvet Touch’ by Jenny Fusca, 66 x 102 cm, $2,950 click here.
‘Cornwell Pottery and the Smuggled Budgie’ by Alicia Cornwell, 150 x 100 cm, $3,600 click here.

Pink Banner

Often known as the love colours, pinks and reds are long associated with compassion, care and love.

Words to describe this colour are:
Healthy, Happy, Feminine, Sweet, Compassion, Playful, Connecting.

Rebecca Kate's botanical inspired works have a bright, playful energy. Their layered style incorporating a harmonious mix of textures and lines makes the piece feel connected and inviting.

‘Bright Sunshiny Day’ by Rebecca Kate, 103 x 103 cm, $2,200 click here.
‘Flirt’ by Jenny Fusca, 76 x 76 cm, $1,500 click here.
‘Topsy Turvy Bird' by Angie Goto, 59 x 42 cm, $700 click here.

Red Banner

Red is the colour of passion and energy, and encourages alertness, physical health, power and vitality. Red can be a colour of strength and love, imparting feelings of care and protection, or get the blood pumping, helping you stay active!

Words to describe this colour are:
Love, Passion, Energy, Power, Strength, Heat, Desire

The strong red background of this still life piece by Ian Gunn gives the work a sense of strength and power. Artworks containing red will warm any space, and help curate confidence and strength.

‘Still Life with Magnolias’ by Ian Gunn, 43 x 43 cm, $795 click here.
‘Cosmic Consciousness’ by Angie Goto, 96 x 125 cm, $2,500 click here.
‘Red Lobsters' by Laura White, 76 x 76 cm, $1,750 click here.


A warm colour associated with fire, the sun and energy. This colour helps us feel like we can achieve anything we set our minds to and is a great colour to keep you motivated. Encouraging and inviting, orange represents youth, spontaneity and fearlessness, and is a great colour to introduce to give you courage and motivation.

Words to describe this colour are:
Courage, Confidence, Friendliness, Success

REK's cheerful birds are full of personality, vitality and life. 'Brotherly Love's' bright colours and friendly feel will energise any space and keep you feeling positive and motivated.

‘Brotherly Love’ by REK, 61 x 61 cm, $1,880 click here.
‘Nasturtiums’ by Kate Quinn, 44 x 54 cm, $990 click here.
‘Autumn' by Hanna Rose, 64 x 83 cm, $1,100 click here.


The colour of sunlight, the day and summer, yellow just makes us happy. Bright and light, yellow can uplift us and create a feeling of hope, while also being associated with wisdom and intelligence. Incorporating this colour into your home will help you stay cheerful and energised.

Words to describe this colour are:
Bright, Sunny, Energetic, Warm, Happy, Perky, Joy, Intellect

Angie Goto's works are a curious look at the connections and characters we share the world with. Her unique vibrant and detailed style is typically bright and joyful and adds a sense of happiness to wherever her works are placed.

‘Orange Flower’ by Angie Goto, 46 x 64 cm, $1,150 click here.
‘It's Great’ by Sun Haas, 92 x 152 cm, $1,685 click here.
‘Spring Butterfly' by Angie Goto, 85 x 85 cm, $2,000 click here.

Tan 2

Similar to brown, tan is a simple colour which is supportive and calming. As a lighter shade it gives us room to breathe and is both versatile and inviting.

Words to describe this colour are:
Dependable, Flexible, Crisp, Conservative

Jackie Anderson's abstract shape works have a balance and flow that makes them easy to look at at. Soft tones and subtle textures are friendly and relaxing, which still adding some warmth and energy into a room.

‘Spring in My Step' by Jackie Anderson, 124 x 94 cm, $1,990 click here.
‘High Noon’ by Jackie Anderson, 72 x 52 cm. $890 click here.
‘Sailing Stones' by Maegan Brown, 42 x 28 cm, $865 click here.

Monotone banner

Monotone colours with blacks, greys and whites are calming, steady and sophisticated. These tones are simple and easy to process, toning down a space. High contrast works can be striking and exciting, while softer gradients are calming and cooling.

Words to describe this colour are:
Sophisticated, strong, formal, calm, elegant

Casey Freeman's monotone ink works follow a flow of dynamic movement. Their pared back colour schemes and simple shapes and textures imbue a sense of sophistication and maturity.

‘The Stillness that Followed' by Casey Freeman, 71 x 97 cm, $2,100 click here.
‘Unfolding’ by Melinda Rodnight, 20 x 20 cm. $150 click here.
‘Powerlines (V02)' by Josh Fartch, 102 x 76 cm, $1,400 click here.