Ros Gervay
Ros Gervay Ros Gervay

Ros Gervay

Ros Gervay is a Sydney based artist who creates expressionistic nature-inspired paintings with layers of loose painterly marks, typically in acrylic on canvas. Ros Gervay’s artworks focus on the raw beauty of the natural world and its power to ground us and reconnect us with ourselves and the moment.

With a deep respect for the environment, Ros finds inspiration in the natural world around her, often translating her own photographs into the foundations for her artworks. In each painting, Ros seeks to capture the divine, untamed beauty of flora often through organic, gestural brushwork. Each painting acts as an invitation to the viewer, asking of them a moment of their time, to escape and be still.

She was a Finalist in the 2022 Art To Art Unearthed Art Prize and co-hosts the Paint Rest Repeat podcast.

Ros Gervay's Artworks