Bree Morrison
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Bree Morrison

Growing up in a small remote farming town in the southern NSW Riverina region, Bree was surrounded by giant skies that stretch out above arid grassy claypan plains, with horizons as far as the eye can see, and murky green rivers lined with tall red gums snaking their way through the land.

Bree has felt a strong connection to the land for as long as she can remember, which has seen her travelling to and exploring landscapes far and wide. For Bree, painting the landscape isn't just about capturing and recording what is seen with the eyes. Her paintings are a spiritual exchange of energy that transmute the emotions and memories created while immersed in nature, and the new experiences are the fuel that stoke her creative fire.

Working from her backyard studio, Bree’s work is an unfolding of the story and imprint that the time spent in these wild places makes on her mind, body and soul. Her painting is an alchemy of visually bringing to life the invisible resonance and stories felt within the energy, rhythms and vibration of the land itself; like a song being written and sung with paint.

Using abstract and expressive forms, textures, colours, marks and patterns, Bree looks to her intuition, imagination and memories to guide her process. Through it all, Bree hopes to draw out across the canvas a bridge of connection for others to be able to see and resonate with the familiar, magical feelings and experiences that time spent in nature so generously offers up to all of us.

Bree Morrison's Artworks