Liam Lynch
Liam Lynch Liam Lynch Liam Lynch

Liam Lynch

Born 1970 Australia

An intrepid sleuth, Liam Lynch endures whatever extremes he must to capture the story he is bound to tell us in his photographs. Compelled by creative and environmental concerns you’ll often find him bathed in sweat and mosquitoes in the jungles of Borneo or in the depths of our most unexplored oceans. The compelling imagery that Liam captures and the masterful techniques he uses to create his beautiful original prints, transport the viewer to their own unique state of consciousness within the natural world and will leave you questioning the foundation and values of human intellect.

For his recent collections he’s begun using age old Palladium printing techniques Liam then creates prints of extraordinary depth and richness that are simply tantalising to behold.

For Liam crossing the line from machine made to hand made does necessitate a commitment, and true, the work is labor intensive, but… in the end, what unfolds before your eyes is more of an ‘art-object- than an ordinary photograph.

Liam Lynch's Artworks