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Clair Bremner

Not everything is always as it seems.

Contemplative and reflective, Clair Bremner’s paintings are inspired by nature and focus on bringing the outside in. She captures the essence of a landscape, stylizing it and making it her own - creating magical worlds that tempt us to climb in and disappear. She employs colour, pattern and repetition to portray the layers of foliage and vegetation that can be seen within the landscape.

Largely self taught, Clair has been painting her whole life and has been working as a full time professional artist since 2013. She works primarily in acrylic on canvas and builds her vibrant artworks up using layers of thin paint. Her artworks evolve spontaneously and she rarely plans or sketches her work before she begins. Instead she prefers to let the fluid like consistency of the paint to dictate composition and form and allows the work to evolve organically by using her intuition and personal aesthetic as a guide.

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