Olga Finkel
Olga Finkel Olga Finkel Olga Finkel Olga Finkel

Olga Finkel

Olga creates textile paintings of unique texture, colour and depth, her innovative techniques base on broad experience in design and fine art. Her favorite materials are wool and silk, which she hand-dyes to get an exquisite palette. Olga "paints" with pieces of silk like a painter does with brush strokes, her work invokes a sense of intimacy, inviting viewers to get closer and discover the beauty and warmth of natural fibre.

Always experimenting Olga combines different mediums. With her recent works she paints canvas first and, staying true to her love of textile, covers it with thin layers of dyed silk. The interplay of colours is almost palpitating.

Olga Finkel has come from a career in fashion and millinery design. She graduated from Kharkov University in Ukraine and after immigrating to Australia, Melbourne in 1989 worked in fashion industry and established millinery company. Following the lifetime passion for art and textile she started a career of a professional artist ten years ago, exhibiting and teaching.

Olga Finkel's Artworks