Honor Bowden
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Honor Bowden

Honor Bowden is a Gold Coast-based artist and designer known for her captivating impressionistic landscapes, which draw inspiration from the natural beauty of her hometown.

Through her experimental approach, she combines a vibrant palette, intriguing textures, and diverse mixed media techniques to create enchanting paintings that elicit a profound sense of nostalgia. Her artistic process is characterised by an intuitive approach, often working on multiple pieces simultaneously, allowing a fluid exchange of creative energy between them.

Her work is inspired by the impressionist movement but is not constrained by its conventions, allowing her creativity to flow freely. As a result, each painting in this collection is a unique and expressive representation of the blissful moments of summer. Honor's paintings have been exhibited in group shows, selected as finalists in art prizes, and featured in galleries and private collections.

"My paintings are an invitation to escape, to dream, and to find peace."

Honor Bowden's Artworks