Gina Debinski
Gina Debinski Gina Debinski Gina Debinski Gina Debinski

Gina Debinski

Gina is an obsessive creative, and has been ever since she can remember. She sees form and colour all around her.

With a great eye for style and colour, Gina's current work reflects her past experiences as a fashion retailer, knitting technician, stylist and designer. Contemporary and varied in subject matter, her work celebrates her experiences and observations of everyday life, events and people.

Gina grew up in Australia, and with a strong interest in the fashion industry and knit wear, she was lured to the fashion world of New York, where she lived and worked as a specialist designer for 7 years. On her return to Australia, Gina's passion for painting only grew stronger, and eventually she returned to her first love, and began working as a full time artist. She is particularly drawn to water scenes and the joy of experiences the great Australian beaches we are surrounded by.

Gina Debinski's Artworks