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Nadia Düsselberg Nadia Düsselberg Nadia Düsselberg

Nadia Düsselberg

Nadia Düsselberg is a mixed media contemporary artist, based in Melbourne.

Artistic expression runs deep in the Düsselberg family, as Nadia’s parents are both award winning sculptors.

Nadia’s work is rarely conceptualised before creating; rather it has a more organic, intuitive approach. Each piece is conceived from moment to moment, driven by joy, led by the heart. She forces the audience to reconsider their engagement towards art, offering a ‘felt’ experience, not just a visual feast. She intentionally uses feeling and energy to create, so you can’t help but experience the works in this way; making the artwork a multisensory experience.

Nadia is a full-time artist, working out of her studio in Surrey Hills, Melbourne. She has sold her work nationally and internationally.

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