Hidden in the Pines - Immature Great Horned Owls

Hidden in the Pines - Immature Great Horned Owls



Dimensions: 55 x 73 cm (W x H)


Official print, framed on natural timber.

"There is no other subject that suits me as well as wild animals do. Portraits or still lifes might be nice to do, but the texture of the fur and plumage of mammals and birds are much more attractive to me. The large variety of forms combined with all kinds of different biotypes always inspires new paintings.

How can a painter resist those funny-looking youngsters of the great horned owl? Although they still have everything to learn about hunting, they are already real characters. These two just made their maiden flight.

Owlets stay near the nest through the spring and summer, still being fed by their parents, developing their silent flight, keen vision, sensitive haring and powerful talons. The next autumn, they will become the terror of rabbits, squirrels and mice. They are one of those wonderful elements in nature that keeps everything in good balance." – Carl Brenders

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