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Uwalki Watiya Tjuta (2)



Dimensions: 40 x 51 cm (W x H)
Medium: Acrylic

The painting depicts Watiya Tjuta (desert oak trees), and refers to Uwalki country of Debra’s mother in law, Mitjili Napurrula, an artist who Debra often paints alongside and who inspired Debra in her own artistic journey. Uwalki is an area in the Gibson desert, near the Kintore ranges in central Australia.

The Aboriginal men use the wood from the Watiya Tjuta to hand carve spears, artefacts and ceremonial objects associated with mens business.

Today, Debra is the new custodian of the Uwalki Watiya Tjuta, a motif that features regularly in her works in an array of bright block colours – ranging from traditional blacks, red and oranges, to blues, pinks and purples. The shape of a single tree and its leaves typically emerge from the background, with subtle textures and brushstrokes visible in the canvas.

$450 each

$400 each for multiple in the series.

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