5 Insider Tips for Starting Your Art Collection

5 Insider Tips for Starting Your Art Collection

Posted on 11 Jan 2022

There are numerous reasons to start an art collection. While many people are looking to fill their homes with beautiful items and showcase their personality, others care most about investing to turn a profit in the future.

Irrespective of your reasons for building an art collection from the ground up, you can be certain that establishing a wonderful set of artworks requires time, money and experience to do successfully.

If you’re keen to get started on your budding art collection, we’re here to help. Consider these five insider tips to ensure you grow a collection that achieves your goals and rewards your efforts.

Understand Your Tastes

It sounds simple, but many emerging art collections hit a snag immediately because they don’t fully understand their tastes. Rather than pursuing artworks that appeal to them on a personal level and get them closer to their objectives, they get stuck trying to follow the latest trends without the necessary perspective.

To make sure you build your art collection with a forward-thinking vision, follow like-minded artists, critics and curators on social media to find out what pushes their buttons. As you develop a deeper understanding of what captures your attention, you can head out into the art world with a clearer mindset.

Define Your Goals

As mentioned, every art collector must have their own personal goals. If you don’t know the intention of your art collection, identifying and selecting artworks that fit within your philosophy becomes an almost impossible task. As buying art is often a costly and time-consuming process, you must define your goals before getting ahead of yourself.

Are you buying art to beautify your home? That’s a straightforward goal that kickstarted many of the world’s best private collections. By having a passion for a specific artist or movement, you can work towards building an enviable collection. Many also consider the investment potential, but take care as turning a profit isn’t a sure thing.

Know Your Budget

You don’t need an infinite budget to start a flourishing art collection. However, you do need to have a solid idea of how much you’re willing to invest in achieving your goals. By knowing how much you have to spend on your new passion, you’ll have a realistic picture of what you can expect to purchase.

Many emerging art collectors start with a small budget where they can acquire a couple of choice artworks. As they expand their knowledge of the marketplace and learn to trust their instincts, they increase their budget with greater confidence.

Get Active in the Scene

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to understand about art. But if you’re passionate about starting a thriving collection, you need to get out in the scene and start talking to people who can help you find the perfect piece. This means visiting galleries, chatting to artists and getting friendly with curators.

In addition, you want to level up your technical knowledge. Dive into the history of various mediums and styles, while seeking out both emerging and established artists on social media to follow. Over time, you’ll refine your eye and know the ideal artwork when it appears in front of you.

Dividing Line

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