A Quick Guide to Hanging Art in Your Home

A Quick Guide to Hanging Art in Your Home

Posted on 09 Feb 2022

Hanging some incredible artwork in your home is one of the best ways to showcase your personality and add a much-needed dash of colour. But achieving the kind of interior design that you dream about is a challenging task that often doesn’t look right when you start placing artwork without a plan.

Rather than getting frustrated because your eye for interior design isn’t quite calibrated, we’ve highlighted a few quick tips to ensure hanging art is a breeze. Keep these concepts in mind when you start to decorate and your space is bound to look incredible.

Identify the Perfect Space

Every space is overflowing with small details that might make one artwork more suitable than another. This means you have to carefully consider the space you have available and how the room is already decorated before deciding on which piece goes where. However, there are a few guidelines that might help.

For example, a blank wall between a window and a door is great for positioning smaller pieces where people might need to get a little closer. However, larger prints or paintings should be hung in a space where the viewer can really step back and appreciate what’s on display.

Complement Your Decor

Just as you have to assess the design of a room before choosing the artwork, you have to cast your gaze over the decor to ensure you place something appropriate. With artwork providing the perfect complement to colours already featured in the room, getting this balance right can be highly effective.

Look around the space for shared hues and tones. By selecting artworks that slot into the established colour scheme, the entire aesthetic of the room will get a lift. Meanwhile, consider how artwork can share a visual story with fittings and accessories, like a vintage side table, to create dynamic layers.

Achieve Visual Balance

If you’re keen to hang several smaller pieces next to each other, you have to strike the ideal visual balance to achieve the perfect look. Generally speaking, you want to arrange artwork with a heavy visual weight – meaning bold colours and larger frames – to the bottom left, while prints with a lighter appearance go up and to the right.

As our eyes naturally read from left to right, it makes sense to arrange your artwork in this way to achieve visual balance. Depending on the decor of your space, an asymmetrical arrangement might present a more modern appearance, while symmetrical arrangements are often considered somewhat traditional.

The Frame Matters

While you have to put plenty of time and effort into finding the ideal prints to hang in your space, you definitely don’t want to compromise on your frame selection. If you happen to choose an inappropriate frame, you might discover the colours clash and create a sense of visual discord.

However, the right frame takes the painting or print to the next level. If you have a series of paintings you want to hang together, all-white frames can produce an appealing sense of symmetry and unison. Seek out frames that highlight the print's tones and you might just create something special.

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