Angie Goto Spotlight – Melbourne Affordable Art Fair

Angie Goto Spotlight – Melbourne Affordable Art Fair

Posted on 11 Aug 2022

Angie Goto's works are easily recognisable from her expressive, colourful and emotive style, so it's clear to see why her work was chosen as the campaign header for the 2022 Melbourne Affordable Art Fair!

The AAF team sat down with her to get an insight into her creative process and her experiences as a Deaf Artist and Art Educator:

We’re absolutely delighted to have your artwork ‘Summer Blues’ as our campaign creative for Affordable Art Fair Melbourne and Hong Kong. Can you tell us how you discovered painting and what led you to become an artist?

I’m thrilled to have my artwork chosen, thank you! Growing up as the only Deaf person in my family, I always felt drawn to activities that were perhaps more creative or visual. Television didn’t interest me growing up as there were no captioned programs at the time. I was always a very creative child and completely fell in love with painting. I always knew I would be an artist; art is just so visual. Painting is like a visual language to me; it is my way of expressing myself and how I am feeling.

Your artworks are often brightly coloured and gestural. Do you plan out how you want a particular piece to look before you start, or does the artwork emerge during the process?

I tend to have an idea or concept in my head when I first start an artwork, however, often as I paint, the idea adjusts or changes. It is very dependent on the mood I am in at the time as to how the artwork will evolve. I always feel like I am going on a bit of a journey with my paintings, it starts out with a clear path, and I often deviate and go off track and end up quite pleased once I arrive at the final destination. I get really excited by the process of the journey itself, I feel like that’s when my best paintings come to life – when I truly am enjoying that journey.

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Angie Goto's beautiful works will be shown on the Art to Art stand at the 2022 Melbourne Affordable Art Fair. (Find us on stand A07!)

Check out Angie Goto's currently available works by clicking the button below!

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