Angie Goto: Sydney Affordable Art Fair Spotlight

Angie Goto: Sydney Affordable Art Fair Spotlight

Posted on 26 Apr 2022

Sydney Deaf Artist Angie Goto's signature style is instantly recognisable, with her bright colours, patchwork compositions, and enigmatic subjects standing out above the crowd. Angie Goto is a full time artist who also works part time as an Art Educator at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. This second job is very important to her as it allows her to actively engage the deaf community into the arts.

Angie expresses herself through vivid paintings of images that live in her mind, and her love of reading and painting have joined to create endless 'stories' on canvas that strive to recreate the scenery she has silently witnessed and participated in her life. Being a Deaf Artist has allowed her to experience a different take on life that has both ups and downs, but if you ask her, the ups have far outweighed the downs!

She embraces the differences she sees in the human spirit and constantly strives to bring awareness to all about our similarities.

"I tend to have an idea or concept in my head when I first start an artwork, however, often as I paint, the idea adjusts or changes. It is very dependent on the mood I am in at the time as to how the artwork will evolve. I always feel like I am going on a bit of a journey with my paintings, it starts out with a clear path, and I often deviate and go off track and end up quite pleased once I arrive at the final destination. I get really excited by the process of the journey itself, I feel like that’s when my best paintings come to life – when I truly am enjoying that journey."
– Angie Goto

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