Artist Talk: We sat down with Joan Blond

Artist Talk: We sat down with Joan Blond

Posted on 23 Mar 2020

Joan Blond joined us in the Art to Art gallery during our COLOUR Exhibition to talk about her art journey and what how she became the wildly successful artist she is today. It was fantastic to sit down with Joan and catch up on taking the leap to becoming a full time artist, her story with Art to Art, and some tricks of the trade she's picked up over the years! A Q&A session with our audience opened up the floor to your questions, and Joan provided some interesting insights into her process and methedology.

Since joining Art to Art in 2017 Joan's career has soared and she proudly boasts 16 group shows along with 6 solo shows Australia wide. Her work is held in private collections across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany and Hong Kong.
You can check out Joan Blond's collection of available works here.

Thank you to everyone who came to hear Joan speak on the day, but if you missed it don't worry - We've got you covered!

Catch the highlights below, or watch the full uncut interview here

Joan Blond - Meet the Artist: Joan Blond's Career Turning Point

Joan Blond - Meet the Artist: Joan Blond's Trick's of the Trade

Catch all the tricks of the trade Joan has picked up over the last few years in becoming a professional, full time artist. Talking paints, canvases, technique and more!

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