Catalogue Out Now! Limited Edition & Original Works on Paper

Catalogue Out Now! Limited Edition & Original Works on Paper

Posted on 24 July 2021

Browse a fantastic range of high quality limited edition prints and beautiful original works on paper in our latest catalogue collection.

Hot of the press is our latest and newest catalogue ‘Limited Edition and Original Works on Paper’! This comprehensive 90+ page catalogue is your direct access to the most affordable way to acquire high quality art for your home. It features 21 of our talented artists with a variety of artwork styles and moods; so there’s plenty to choose from! Change it up at home with art and beat off the winter lockdown blues. Grab a cuppa and start browsing - Enjoy!

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Why Buy Limited Edition?

Limited edition prints are a great affordable alternative to originals, being a high resolution production scanned directly from the original artwork. The number of prints in an edition run varies, and each print is generally numbered in the bottom left hand corner; eg. 1/20 would mean there are only 20 prints of this kind. Each print is overseen to ensure their integrity, quality and colour, then signed, numbered and titled by the artist. The print run can never be reprinted past the edition number specified, hence why they will hold their value.

Why Buy and Original Work on Paper

If you buy an original you are buying a one-of-a-kind creation, one that is uniquely yours and has been made by hand by the artist. An original work on paper holds all the textures, paint strokes, fingerprints, and nuances that makes them special. Unlike Limited Edition prints, an original artwork is truly unique, and the only one of its kind in the world... once its sold it’s gone. Original works on paper typically hold more value than their LE print counterparts, and have a wider variety of mediums and expressions.

Sneak a Peak below

Click here to view the full catalogue!

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