Christine Minter: Sydney Affordable Art Fair Spotlight

Christine Minter: Sydney Affordable Art Fair Spotlight

Posted on 08 May 2022

With big, bold and beautiful artworks full of colour and texture, each of Christine Minter's artworks are an absolute statement piece!

Christine Minter is a Melbourne based artist who creates colourful abstract works with thick, textural layers of acrylic and impasto. She has participated in a number of exhibitions in Melbourne and recently won the St Michaels Church Melbourne Art award. A self taught artist, Christine draws inspiration from both land and seascapes, as well as the beautiful garden of her Bayside area home. Christine's works explore the colours and textures that give joy, optimism and positivity to the viewer. With a background in both graphic design and interior styling, Christine aims to create works which can imbue a home with feelings of natural energy, vibrancy and happiness.

Christines highly recognisable style consists of bright splashes and brushstrokes of colours, which quite literally rise from the canvas with her signature use of thick layers and impasto!

“I’ve loved the colour green, and also blue, forever. I always paint in those tones, as they remind me of the outdoors. To me, they’re such soothing colours and ones that help make the house into a feel-good home.”
– Christine Minter

Not just green and blue however, Christine's works collect every colour from the rainbow, not only making them a glorious stand-out, but any interior designer or budding home decorator's dream.

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