How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Artwork

How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Artwork

Posted on 07 Feb 2023

Purchasing the perfect painting or photograph for your home is an incredible feeling. But people often encounter another hurdle when choosing the ideal frame for their artwork. Although it might seem like a simple decision, the frame has the power to elevate or diminish the work depending on your choice.

So, how do you make the best decision? First, think about where the artwork will live in your home, as its exposure to sunlight and surrounding pieces might impact your choice of frame and location. Plus, consider the level of protection required and your preferred aesthetic when browsing the diverse options available.

Fortunately, several fundamental guidelines about framing artwork help make your choices a little easier. Here, we delve into the options and best practices depending on the type of artwork you’re looking to frame.

Prints and Photographs

There are virtually countless choices when selecting a frame for your artwork. However, when considering a frame for a print or photograph, identifying the most significant colours or tones can help give your search a clear direction. This way, your frame and artwork will work in perfect unison.

It’s tempting to go for something dramatic, but keep the focus on the artwork rather than the frame. The soft tones of raw oak are often a great choice to frame a work, without distracting from the piece itself, or competing too hard with any colour within it. If the work is monochromatic, choosing a black or white frame is the best decision. However, framing a photo of the ocean with a subtle blue option can make the image resonate with even more power.

Illustrations and Pencil Works

Paper drawings and illustrated works follow a similar process to framing prints and photographs. However, these works can often include even softer lines and tones, meaning the ideal choice of frame is typically a thin black or white option that won't distract from the piece.

In many cases, you must be extra careful framing illustrations and pencil pieces because these paper-based works can be fragile. However, including a mount board to separate the artwork from the glass front can help avoid problematic condensation from developing.

Canvas Artworks

There’s an endless array of frames to consider for paintings on canvas, with some options suiting bold pieces over lower-key creations. Once again, consider the themes and colours within the composition to simplify your search for a stunning frame. Most times, subtle paintings look better with softer options, while loud paintings often command designs that reflect their formidable presence.

If the painting fits a more classical style, it might be appropriate to purchase a bespoke, custom frame that reflect the historical period. Think carefully about how other nearby artworks, furnishings and wall decorations can also highlight or take away from the artwork and how these elements might combine to produce the most effective look.

Mixed Media

Naturally, mixed media works can come in any size and design, so it’s not always necessary to find a frame for this type of work. However, if you’re set on buying a frame for a striking mixed media piece, consider its physical characteristics to make the best decision.

For example, it may be hard to find a suitable frame for mixed media pieces featuring sizeable three-dimensional elements. Meanwhile, certain materials, like acrylic paint, can crack under varying temperatures, so you must carefully consider the artwork's positioning and framing. Many artworks of this type don't require a frame, and might actually look better without one!

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