How to Collect Paintings in the Digital Age

How to Collect Paintings in the Digital Age

Posted on 10 Jan 2023

Collecting art is no longer a high-minded pastime thanks to the digital age and technology that levels the playing field. Now that more people than ever can engage directly with their favourite artists and galleries, finding an incredible piece and making a deal is wonderfully accessible to everyone.

However, as purchasing paintings becomes increasingly common online, collectors new and old must familiarise themselves with the modern way of doing things. Here, we explore how art collecting in the digital age has changed the industry and how you can leverage the latest methods to achieve your goals.

Roam Galleries and Fairs

While it’s now easy to purchase countless artworks online, that doesn’t mean physical art galleries, art fairs and exhibition spaces have become irrelevant. In fact, these venues and events still represent an outstanding opportunity to define your style and get to know artists that reflect this aesthetic.

You have virtually endless options when browsing websites that sell paintings. Yet appreciating the minute details that make a painting so impressive remains much easier in person than through your computer screen. Stay engaged with the local art scene to identify the works you want to collect. We love Fairs like the Melbourne and Sydney Affordable Art Fair!

Network with Other Collectors

The internet has democratised myriad aspects of daily life. To little surprise, this also applies to how people go about collecting art. Across welcoming communities on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, networking with people in these communities can expand your collecting avenues while providing access to exceptionally knowledgeable resources.

Whether you’re looking for a specific artwork or are keen to learn more about a particular art scene, getting to know your fellow art collectors can only improve your experience. With the online world presenting incredible possibilities, ignoring these online communities puts you at a disadvantage compared to collectors using every method available.

Follow Institutions and Artists

While getting to know like-minded art collectors on social media is a stellar idea, you can also keep up with your favourite art institutions and creatives. With most people and places active on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, you can get in touch to learn about exciting exhibitions on the horizon and see how artists are developing their creative practice.

In fact, part of the beauty of social media is that you can establish personal relationships with influential voices in the space to improve your art collecting. For example, starting a conversation with an inspirational artist or gallery curator can help you get to know the niche to make a wise investment. Get active on social media to enhance your collection or

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Protect Your Investment

Although buying art online makes collecting incredibly simple, you must take extra care to protect your investment. One issue you don’t want to overlook is shipping, especially when buying from a distant seller. It’s always a good idea to ask the gallery or artist to provide quotes for shipping options so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Meanwhile, consider provenance or the work’s authenticity before committing to a purchase. Check with the seller about the documentation they provide and analyse it to see if there are any noticeable mistakes. You can even engage a trusted expert in the genre or artist to ensure you’re buying a legitimate piece for your collection.

Shop for Stunning Artwork Today

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