#InspiringInclusion for International Women's Day 2024

#InspiringInclusion for International Women's Day 2024

Posted on 08 Mar 2024

Today is International Women’s Day, and we’re taking the time to recognise the incredible work women have contributed both worldwide and to our very own gallery. We’re also reflecting on the theme of Inspiring Inclusion; on how women, especially those belonging to underrepresented groups, continue to face barriers when seeking leadership roles, and how we can continue to champion for greater inclusion across all walks of life.

Within the creative fields of film, performance and art, we have a great potential to see and hear from diverse perspectives, from people of all genders and backgrounds. By being inclusive we can benefit from these diverse viewpoints, leading to opportunities for better innovation and decision making.

Learn more about International Women’s Day and what it truly means to inspire inclusion here

Discover how our artists strive for an equitable community, as they share how they are inspiring inclusion in their own practices...

Dividing Line
Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn - QLD Artist
"I inspire inclusion in my practice by aiming to be as generous with my knowledge and experience with other emerging artists as possible. I believe there's 'room for everyone' in the art world. Being inclusive and kind to younger and newer artists creates a much more welcoming, diverse and interesting industry for us all to work in."

Rebecca Kate IWD

Rebecca Kate - VIC Artist
"I inspire inclusion in my practise by continuing to support and encourage all artists with their own creative practise."


Alicia Cornwell - VIC Artist
"I love to support other artists. Being an artist can be a lonely ride and to me inclusion within my art practice is helping others along the way with advice and support. I've had other artists do this for me and it is invaluable particularly on those dark days when you have no idea what you are doing! Inclusion is about bringing other artists along side with you and teaching each other how to make your art practice the best it can be."

Amy Compton IWD

Amy Compton - TAS Artist
"Connection lies at the heart of my practise. Painting helps me connect with myself and connect with others. This connection knows no barriers and has no bounds. It includes anyone who gleans joy from the visual arts."

Jacqui S 01

Jacqueline Scotcher - NSW Artist
“I adore learning about and from other women through their art practices and diverse stories that they embody. Sharing my own experience through painting practice is a way to connect with others and forge new, inclusive relationships. Also, as an arts educator I have a passion for supporting young artists discover and communicate what is important to them through the rich field of creative arts.”


Jac Puntoriero - NSW Artist
"We navigate life's pathways as we create our own unique stories. As we travel we use our strengths and gifts to guide us. International Womens day 2024 is a day to reflect as a collective on the need to create a world where these pathways are strong and valued where all women travel with a sense of belonging, relevance and power.
Inspiring inclusion is part of my everyday - in my community, connections and language. I take this value with me as I move into my creative space. As I create I weave stories of resilience, hope and empowerment through my mark making, layers, colours and connections."

Anahita IWD

Anahita Amouzegar - VIC Artist
"Incorporating diverse subjects, perspectives, and styles in my artwork, and creating spaces that reflect the richness of human experiences and identities are some ways I inspire inclusion in my art. Additionally, actively seeking out and collaborating with artists from different backgrounds can also contribute to a more inclusive artistic practice."

Mitch Vane IWD

Mitch Vane - VIC Artist and Illustrator
"I am fascinated by all the complex differences in human beings - the way we look, feel, express ourselves. In my art practice I aim to celebrate that diversity through my portraits and clay figurines - specifically to highlight that there are no rules, no boxes to be put in. We are all individuals and our differences are the things that make us special. I hope my work expresses how unique and vulnerable and funny we all are, and also gives a sense of community and empathy. Unity gives us strength."

Anya Love IWD

Anya Love - VIC Artist
"As a female contemporary artist, I strive to inspire inclusion in my practice by embracing diversity and celebrating the multiplicity of human experiences. Through my work, I intentionally create spaces that welcome voices from all backgrounds, fostering dialogue and understanding across cultural, social, and gender divides. It forms the core of my artistry, compelling me to consistently push boundaries and embrace the beauty of our collective differences."

Philippa IWD

Philippa Demase - Director of Art to Art
“At our gallery, we're not just curators of art; we're cultivators of inclusivity, fostering a vibrant community where artists and buyers alike feel welcomed and valued. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond the artwork itself; it's about embracing diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and voices within Melbourne's art scene. We strive to create a space where every artist has the opportunity to shine, regardless of their background or experience. Through exhibitions like our Unearthed Art Prize, Group Shows and the Affordable Art Fairs, we celebrate the richness of our community and empower individuals to express themselves authentically. Together, we're shaping a more inclusive and dynamic art landscape in Melbourne, where creativity knows no bounds.”

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