Is AI-Generated Artwork Worth Investing In?

Is AI-Generated Artwork Worth Investing In?

Posted on 10 Aug 2022

The art world has long been affected by digital technology, but the last couple of years have seen more disruption than ever before. Alongside the rise of blockchain and NFTs, which have created immense hype for an entirely new generation of artists and collectors, AI-generated art has also captured the imagination of countless people around the globe.

So, is it time to invest? Considering the vast sums that AI artwork has sold for in recent times and the prevailing digital trends, there’s a solid argument that now is the right time to get involved. Here, we explore the dawn of AI-generated art, some of the most high-profile artworks and whether you should start adding pieces to your collection.

What is Artificial Intelligence Art?

The concept behind artificial intelligence isn’t exactly new, with computer scientists discovering ways to automate tasks using computers since the 1950s. While the finance and business sectors have felt many of these developments strongest, creative industries have also become increasingly intertwined with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The way we produce art has relied on the human touch and mind for thousands of years. Yet this dynamic is shifting, as we can train artificial intelligence to mimic the same brushstrokes used to produce surrealist or renaissance masterpieces. With AI art capable of reflecting the same emotive notes behind history’s great art movements, these digital algorithms can deliver a stirring piece all on their own.

The Growing Popularity of AI Art

As artificial intelligence art has developed from a nifty digital trick into a legitimate art form, international art collectors have quickly taken note. The most significant sale to date is undoubtedly Portrait of Edmond de Belamy, created by the Paris-based art collective Obvious.

The piece was expected to fetch up to $10,000, as the first work of its kind put under the hammer by Christie’s auction house in October 2018. However, it eventually sold for a mind-blowing $432,500. The staggering success of this AI art kickstarted a gold rush for digital art, culminating in the $69 million sale of Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days NFT in March 2021.

Although there are many significant differences between AI-generated art and NFTs, these mediums represent the market’s incredible interest in digital artwork. In fact, the technology to produce AI art is only becoming more accessible, with computer programs like DALL-E generating fascinating creations by merging digital images that correspond to a user’s text-based description.

With the idea of ownership and art collection evolving with the next generation of buyers, artificial intelligence art has already shown remarkable potential. Alongside dedicated online platforms making it easy to research and follow artists making waves in the space, finding the perfect piece for your collection is a simple and accessible experience.

As renowned German AI artist Mario Klingemann describes: “Just like photography never went away, or making movies doesn’t, I’m pretty sure [AI art] will establish itself as a new media format…Right now, of course, it’s all this mystery about AI, but I expect this to become really just a normal thing, where people will focus on what artists are actually saying with their art.

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