Josh Fartch: Sydney Affordable Art Fair Spotlight

Josh Fartch: Sydney Affordable Art Fair Spotlight

Posted on 12 June 2023

With his new series of mini still life artworks focusing on common household objects, Josh Fartch's works are a perfect little pick up at the Affordable Art Fair. Working within four sizes, from small to mini, this series of works are all under $500, making them an amazing little treasure to collect! From citrus fruits, to marbles, to pinecones, shells and imperfect paper origami, Josh Fartch captures a look at the everyday collections of treasured items we often tend to accumulate.

Painted in a softened, impressionistic style focusing on form and shadow, each item is brought to life in delicate brushstrokes. With a Masters in Fine Art (Painting) from Monash University, Josh is inspired by a range of traditional and contemporary artists, including names such as Constable, Richter and Hockney.

The subject matter includes objects I found around our home during Covid lockdowns - from glass jars to children’s toys. I hope that when we need to refocus or reboot, these paintings tap into an experience that can arise from being still, listening and observing. A reconnection with the small, moments and spaces around us, post-covid." – Josh Fartch

Don't forget to get your tickets to the Sydney Affordable Art Fair, running June 15 – 18.

See more of Josh Fartch's available artworks by signing up to be an Early Bird – receive the full 64 page Fair Collection Catalogue direct to your inbox two days before the Fair, on June 13.

What's more, we've got FOMO fixed – we're opening phone pre-sales for 2 hours on June 14, so you can be sure to secure up that special artwork before it gets snapped up. Phone pre-sale details are included in the catalogue.

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