New Artist Spotlight: August – Salvatore Dibartolo

New Artist Spotlight: August – Salvatore Dibartolo

Posted on 16 Sept 2022

Describing himself as someone who always follows his instincts, while also being a little impulsive at times, Salvatore has taken several leaps of faith in his art career. From living in Rome for 5 years as well as leaving behind a career in HR for the 'glamorous' job of an International Flight Attendant, Salvatore has been influenced by his broad experiences taken in through his work and travel. Since then Salvatore has taken another leap of faith, putting his aviation career behind him and becoming a full time artist.

Salvatore is self taught, and has spent several years experimenting and learning how to use different mediums in different applications. He is drawn to light and shadows, a recurring theme in his artwork whether abstract or realist, and has been inspired by both his travels, visits to famous museums and themes and experiences from his Sicilian heritage. Salvatore has explored both abstract and realism, with his abstract works lending a strong foundation of understanding colour, shadows, light and tonal values.

As a self taught artist, Salvatore has really enjoyed experimenting the use of many different mediums, and finds himself drawn to conveying an image with simple marks or brushstrokes, a process made more enjoyable and achievable with his recent foray into oils which has now become his preferred medium.

"I could spend all day in my studio and usually do, I enjoy bringing my art to life using many different mediums. I create layer upon layer and strip it back to reveal unique shapes, colours and textures. I use both Oils and Acrylics and sometimes combine both on alternative layers." – Salvatore Dibartolo

Having been raised in a creative family, Salvatore has spent the last 10 years rediscovering painting, sketching, and drawing after a long hiatus.

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