New Artist Spotlight: February – Amy Kim

New Artist Spotlight: February – Amy Kim

Posted on 01 Feb 2023

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Amy Kim moved to Australia in 2000 to study fine art at the Victorian College of Arts. Since graduating, she has worked across a range of creative industries, including theatre design, art directing, interior decoration, graphic design and teaching.

Through the process of creating art, Amy searches for and explores her multicultural identity. Often inspired by the mundane days as well as her memories of people, objects, events, feelings and people, Amy's abstract works iIntegrate the real with the surreal. Including interlocking geometric shapes and bold colours, these artworks are a subjective interpretation longing for objective appreciation.

Amy describes her memories as vague, disorganised and fragmented, but the feeling of the memories as sharp, vivid and bold, something which can clearly be seen in the bright, defined colours of her works which explode off the canvas to cover even the frames.

Amy enjoys exploring and experimenting with a range of different styles, using it as a way to explore and express herself, delving deep into unattended feelings.

"I deeply appreciate the particularity of each human being and nature, its contrast in harmony, imperfectly perfect beauty, vulnerable but resilient mind, and essence and existence. Painting allows me to explore and express my love and respect for us, our lives, our beautifully flawed souls." – Amy Kim

Check out Amy Kim's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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