New Artist Spotlight: February - Yani Lenehan

New Artist Spotlight: February - Yani Lenehan

Posted on 07 Feb 2022

New to Art to Art is the wonderful artist, Yani Lenehan. Yani lives and works in Bathurst, NSW and started painting in response to an overwhelming need to express with colour. Yani is fascinated with the way colours interact with one another and how light affects her subjects, driving her style of bright, warm and works with a graduations of tones. She is particularly inspired by the fruits she uses in her kitchen, and the wealth of colours found within them, fuelling her passion for creating vibrant, bright and fresh artworks that are joyful and happy. Her style is bright, fresh and warm and her process is delicate and calm.

"A lot of my inspiration comes from what’s around me. Just the everyday things that we take for granted and that, when we look at them closely, have such incredible beauty. Through painting, I am offered this gift where I can translate what I see in my head onto a canvas or paper or whatever creative means I can get my hands on."

Yani's still life works have a calmness and sense of joy imbued in the vibrant colours and soft tones she paints with that we absolutely love!

Check out Yani Lenehan's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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