New Artist Spotlight: January – Anahita Amouzegar

New Artist Spotlight: January – Anahita Amouzegar

Posted on 24 Jan 2022

Welcomed to Art to Art Gallery is Anahita Amouzegar, a Melbourne based artist who paints vibrant works inspired by human behaviours and the environments we inhabit. Her works and compositions vary depending on her moods and inspirations, creating outcomes from figurative and natural forms, explorations of psychological trauma, or spiritual and positive abstract works full of vibrant colours.

Anahita has been in love with painting since she was a kid, and adores working with colours – creating compositions where multiple bright and saturated colours work together in harmony, neither being over-powered or under-powered by each other. Her use of high quality acrylics and finishing satin varnish helps ensure the depth of colour, perfect blends and a luxurious texture.

"For me the beauty in painting is to bring in as many movements and simulations in harmony and gentleness. I enjoy painting vibrant abstracts mixed with figures full of movement. There is often several layers of paint before the final layer is added, leaving a raised and interesting texture."

When Anahita paints, she works without an end goal in mind, instead allowing her subconscious to bring out her own reality within her paintings, loving the freedom and inspiration her signature, abstracted style gives her.

Studio Photo Credit: Masa Hoss Portrait & Fine Art Photography.

Check out Anahita Amouzegar's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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